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PHP GD thumbnail / image troubleshooting
[PHP misc]


I have noticed that if you create images using PHP GD Graphics Library, some interesting problem may drive you up a tree (literally).

I have 2 servers, both running 5.3.10.

One is locally run on WAMP, another is remote Linux (Centos) based.

A thumbnailing script working nicely on remote box, refused to work on local setup.

It took some time, but I noticed that local box required function parameters (passed as string) to be encapsed in quotes, regardless: single of double.


may not work everywhere: (note lack of quotes)


does work:



Little problem, but quite annoying, since once you pass 

header('Content-type: image/??');

step-by-step testing is a bit of a challenge.


I hope it will save sameone some time.