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truncate string v.1
[php functions]

// grabs a length from a string, but goes back to the last space if it cut into
// the middle of a string.  If the string is longer than that, cut, then add '...'
// to the end of the string, if the $more == 1
function jp_trunc_string($str="",$len=150,$more='') {
	if ($str=="") return $str;
	if (is_array($str)) return $str;
	$str = trim($str);
	// if it's les than the size given, then return it
	if (strlen($str) <= $len) return $str;
	// else get that size of text
	$str = substr($str,0,$len);
	// backtrack to the end of a word
	if ($str != "") {
		// check to see if there are any spaces left
		if (!substr_count($str," ")) {
			if ($more) $str .= " ...";
			return $str;
		// backtrack
		while(strlen($str) && ($str[strlen($str)-1] != " ")) {
			$str = substr($str,0,-1);
		$str = substr($str,0,-1);
		$str .= '&nbsp;...&nbsp;'.$more;
	return $str;