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color transform rgb to hex
[php functions]

//e.g.: rgb(255,255,255) => #ffffff
function rgb2hex($r, $g='', $b='') {

	$g = (!isset($g)||empty($g))?$r:$g;
	$b = (!isset($b)||empty($b))?$r:$b;

	$r = ($r>255)?255:$r;
	$r = ($r<0)?0:$r;
	$g = ($g>255)?255:$g;
	$g = ($g<0)?0:$g;
	$b = ($b>255)?255:$b;
	$b = ($b<0)?0:$b;
	$red = dechex(intval($r));
	$green = dechex(intval($g));
	$blue = dechex(intval($b));
	$red = (strlen($red)<2)?'0'.$red:$red;
	$green = (strlen($green)<2)?'0'.$green:$green;
	$blue = (strlen($blue)<2)?'0'.$blue:$blue;
	$color = $red.$green.$blue;
	return $color;