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PHP thumbnail creator class by EasyPhpThumbnail (tweaked)
[PHP example]

PHP thumbnail creator class by EasyPhpThumbnail


I have created this page since I have made some changes to class base code.

These changes (very small indeed) allow thumbnailer to auto-switch to default "no image" image.


Please find orginal here: http://www.mywebmymail.com/?q=content/easyphpthumbnail-class

Also link above shows how this thumbnailer is used.


change in the way thumbnail is created

// just filename (no path to it), e.g. image.png
// just absolute path, e.g. path/to/file (Linux), C:pat\to\file (Win)
// destination: file, or screen
$thumb -> Createthumb(filename, absolute_path, destination);


changes are limited to mthod Createthumb() only - this does affect deployment thou - see: above

for comparison, you may download modified version here



//thumb.php file
require_once("resources/paths.php"); //helps with filepaths

 // Create the thumbnail
 $thumb = new Thumbnail;
 $thumb -> Thumbsize = 213;
 $thumb -> Createthumb(basename($_REQUEST['thumb']),IMAGE_FILEPATH);



echo "<img src='/thumb.php?thumb=$file' alt='thumb' />";


priv: pdf backup version of this thumbnail project is in media folder