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  • Old fashion, modular, procedural PHP plus some scaffolding techniques to allow it to mimic MVC simplicity.
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  • MVC - Model View Controller - real life, easy reference and application.
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PHP: predefined variables (SERVER, GET, POST, GLOBALS etc)
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PHP provides a large number of predefined variables to all scripts. 

The variables represent everything from external variables to built-in environment variables, last error messages to last retrieved headers.
Superglobals Superglobals are built-in variables that are always available in all scopes
$GLOBALS References all variables available in global scope
$_SERVER Server and execution environment information
$_GET HTTP GET variables
$_POST HTTP POST variables
$_FILES HTTP File Upload variables
$_REQUEST HTTP Request variables
$_SESSION Session variables
$_ENV Environment variables
$php_errormsg The previous error message
$http_response_header HTTP response headers
$argc The number of arguments passed to script
$argv Array of arguments passed to script