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DirectAdmin MySQL upgrade
[MySQL upgrade]

How to upgrade MySQL using DirectAdmin (1.40.3) command line utility: custombuild (v 2.0).

step 1:

0pen putty (or other terminal) and login to your server.

You may try this video to how to use putty: http://youtu.be/edib_IJxxm4

Please fast-forward some 10-15 seconds to see relevant stuff.


step 2:

Go to directory, where custom build is located.

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild


step 3:

Run commands  (mysql vailable: 5.0, 5.1).



step 4:

Upgrade sql.

sudo ./build mysql


step 5:

Rebuild php.

./build php n


step 6:

Server should restart by itself, but if not - do it.



Custombuild v 2.0 has only apache 2.4, so do not run full custom update, if you have (and want to keep) another version.


Possible problem:

MySQL may return error and refuse to start - error: "the server quit without updating pid file"

solution:  (worked for me - look for my.cnf in /etc dir)

step 1: mv my.cnf my.cnf.bak (rename mysql conf file to backup - this will remove conf file)
step 2: restart server: sql will rewrite conf file to defaults for given version and start up properly (hopefully)