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  • Old fashion, modular, procedural PHP plus some scaffolding techniques to allow it to mimic MVC simplicity.
  • A quick reference to help you find in PHP maze what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • Learn a PHP Object Oriented Programming by building a live discussion forum application.
  • MVC - Model View Controller - real life, easy reference and application.
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jQuery Tools: scrollable
[www: jQuery example]

Scrollable by jQuery Tools. 

Good for: scrollable content, e.g. images, banners, also text etc.

Minimal setup for scrollable link
A vertical scrollable link
A simple scrollable image gallery link
Another gallery with many scrollables link
A scrollable registration wizard link
Scrollable plugins in action link
Navigation with browser's back button link
jQuery Tools home page setup link
A complete scrollable navigational system link
Add and remove items from scrollable link
Customizing the scrolling animation link


horizontal scrollable, conveyor, vertical scrollable, navigation, scrollable registration, scrollable autoplay, add remove elements, gallery