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  • Old fashion, modular, procedural PHP plus some scaffolding techniques to allow it to mimic MVC simplicity.
  • A quick reference to help you find in PHP maze what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • Learn a PHP Object Oriented Programming by building a live discussion forum application.
  • MVC - Model View Controller - real life, easy reference and application.
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UI/Effects - core: show hide etc
[jQuery: example]




The core comes with the following exclusive functionality



Effects that can be used with Show/Hide/Toggle:

  • Blind - Blinds the element away or shows it by blinding it in.
  • Clip - Clips the element on or off, vertically or horizontally.
  • Drop - Drops the element away or shows it by dropping it in.
  • Explode - Explodes the element into multiple pieces.
  • Fade - Fades the element, by gradually changing its opacity.
  • Fold - Folds the element like a piece of paper.
  • Puff - Scale and fade out animations create the puff effect.
  • Slide - Slides the element out of the viewport.
  • Scale - Shrink or grow an element by a percentage factor.

Effects that can be only used stand-alone:

  • Bounce - Bounces the element vertically or horizontally n-times.
  • Highlight - Highlights the background with a defined color.
  • Pulsate - Pulsates the opacity of the element multiple times.
  • Shake - Shakes the element vertically or horizontally n-times.
  • Size - Resize an element to a specified width and height.
  • Transfer - Transfers the outline of an element to another.