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jQuery scroll to top
[jQuery: example]


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    //Attach this new method to jQuery
        //This is where you write your plugin's name
        toTop: function(options) {
			//Set the default values, use comma to separate the settings, example:
			var defaults = {
				speed : 1100,
			var opt =  $.extend(defaults, options);
		    return this.each(function() {
                var o = opt;
				//get container open 
                                        //CODE RESPONSIBLE FOR SCROLLING STARTS
					//chrome/apple need special treatment
					var selector
					if ($.browser.webkit) {
						selector = 'body';
					} else {
						selector = 'html';
					//get content to the top while waiting for results
					}, o.speed, function() {
						//your code on success/completion
                                        //SCROLL CODE ENDS

						return false;
//pass jQuery to the function,