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  • Old fashion, modular, procedural PHP plus some scaffolding techniques to allow it to mimic MVC simplicity.
  • A quick reference to help you find in PHP maze what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • Learn a PHP Object Oriented Programming by building a live discussion forum application.
  • MVC - Model View Controller - real life, easy reference and application.
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1FrameworksFrameworksstep 2: Laravel Configuration / Maintenance16 March, 2016 1:58:29select 
2FrameworksFrameworkmisc: Composer Environment System Variable Path (windows)15 March, 2016 3:37:09select 
3FrameworksFrameworkstep 1: Laravel Installation14 February, 2016 2:18:39select 
4GenericwebsocketsWebsocket server: phpws4 February, 2015 16:05:16select 
5GenericpromptAdd php cli to windows prompt (WAMP)4 February, 2015 15:53:21select 
6Genericexamplesuploading/exporting large databases24 January, 2015 12:21:13select 
7Genericopensslgeneration of .pem21 January, 2015 18:06:57select 
8GenericfancyboxFancybox Image and Youtube Content23 July, 2012 16:46:44select 
9JavaScriptjs exampleremove first specific char from a string17 July, 2012 3:25:09select 
10GenericChrome Auto UpdateChrome Auto Update Disable12 June, 2012 19:29:59select 
11jQueryjQuery pluginjQuery Form Validation Engine4 May, 2012 10:41:38select 
12PHPPHP: examplePHP array: get first element of associative3 May, 2012 1:07:07select 
13CSSCSS exampleCSS shadow28 April, 2012 17:54:39select 
14PHPPHP examplePHP thumbnail creator class by EasyPhpThumbnail (tweaked)24 April, 2012 3:23:50select 
15XMLXML functionXML getElement16 April, 2012 22:11:58select 
16jQueryjQuery: pluginOpen closed element onHover - zoom plus 4 open directions15 April, 2012 0:27:27select 
17jQueryjQuery: referencejQuery selectors - how to use14 April, 2012 23:46:24select 
18CSSCSS examplePositioning of absolute div inside container div8 April, 2012 6:26:08select 
19LAMP & TerminalFilesystemRoboCopy: filter out unwanted folders, e.g. svn7 April, 2012 23:27:44select 
20jQueryjQuery: examplejQuery popup: Fancybox4 April, 2012 23:52:53select 
21jQueryjQuery pluginjQuery cluetip4 April, 2012 20:02:41select 
22jQueryjQuery: examplejQuery cookie: set / unset4 April, 2012 3:30:13select 
23PHPPHP miscPHP GD thumbnail / image troubleshooting3 April, 2012 4:24:26select 
24PHPPHP referencePHP - empty return3 April, 2012 1:28:06select 
25PHPPHP referencePHP getimagesize function2 April, 2012 23:59:13select 
26jQueryjQuery: examplejQuery array looping2 April, 2012 1:24:12select 
27PHPPDO exampleGetting id of last insert: lastInsertId1 April, 2012 21:30:32select 
28jQueryjQuery: exampleUI/Effects - core: show hide etc30 March, 2012 21:03:42select 
29PHPPDO miscPDO db commands29 March, 2012 3:34:43select 
30PHPPHP examplejQuery UI button insert via wrapper class29 March, 2012 2:06:12select 
31jQueryjQuery UI problemsHorizontal misalignment of buttons in IE29 March, 2012 1:51:13select 
32CSSCSS exampleCSS reset sheet28 March, 2012 22:33:04select 
33jQueryjQuery: referencejQuery easing: link and reference26 March, 2012 3:27:03select 
34jQueryjQuery: examplejQuery sliding examples26 March, 2012 1:56:01select 
35jQueryjQuery: examplejQuery scroll to top26 March, 2012 0:42:33select 
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